Three 3-minute periods.  All begin in the neutral position.  1 minute rest between periods.
Overtime is not timed, first score wins.

Takedown – 2pts (folkstyle control required)
Step-out – 1pt (same as freestyle EXCEPT 2 supporting points required, not 1)

Escape – 0pts
Reversal – 2pts (folkstyle control required)

Exposure – 2pts (freestyle exposure-90 degrees)
Controled exposure – 3pts (freestyle exposure with control of 2+ seconds)
Fall (1/2 second fall, slightly longer than touch, think Iowa City as the home team)
:30 to secure a turn upon takedown or reversal
-match is restarted in neutral position after 30 seconds of no scoring
-exposure or reversal restarts the 30 second clock

-You have options from top: cut, exposure, prolonged exposure, or fall
-locking hands and most holds allowed; exceptions are submission holds or chokes. Idea is to turn with or without pain, not submit.
-You cannot score from bottom except reversing position into control.
-Bottom is for not giving up additional points or escaping/reversing to generate offense of your own
-No defensive or neutral falls.  Control must be gained for a fall to occur.
-Stalemates are like MMA, stagnant action initiates a restart on the feet.  This includes from top/bottom which does not have to go the full 30 seconds if neither wrestler is improving.
-Potentially dangerous is almost is non-existent. Protect yourself and surrender points if it hurts too badly.