About AGON


The AGON Wrestling Championship Series is owned, and operated by the United Wrestling Group, LLC. The United Wrestling Group, LLC was formed by a group of individual investors with the common goal of creating a sustainable professional wrestling organization. Below are seven core beliefs that will be the driving principles behind the brand.

  1. We believe Professional Wrestling has entertainment value.
  2. We believe that Wrestling is the purest form of combat sports making it the easiest to teach to young children.
  3. We believe athletes who have a Wrestling background are the most successful athletes in mixed martial arts.
  4. We believe the professional dream will protect and preserve both the Collegiate and Olympic Wrestling dream.
  5. We believe a Professional Wrestling Organization can help our athletes transition into mixed martial arts
  6. We believe our youth at the grassroots level need more hero’s
  7. We believe Wrestling as an enterprise will experience tremendous financial and brand recognition growth as a result of the formation of a sustainable Professional Wrestling Organization. This will lead amateur governing bodies such as individual school districts, state associations, and the NCAA to covet our great sport.

Leadership team

Commissioner – David Dean
Associate Director – Ernie Ciaccio
Director of Marketing – Max Askren
Rules Interpreter – Adam Tirapelle
Matchmaker – Ben Askren
Social Media Director – Yogi Leake
Public Relations Officer – Bryan Lindsey